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Mental Health Awareness Month: Nutrition and Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Month is observed every May to promote the importance of mental health and to spread awareness about mental illness. The observance aims to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, encourage people to seek help, and promote mental wellness....

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The Importance of Nutrition Education

Nutrition education, also known as food education, is “any set of learning experiences designed to facilitate the voluntary adoption of eating and other nutrition-related behaviors conducive to health and well-being.” Simply, it involves learning about—and...

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Examining Food Swamps and the Impact of Unhealthy Food

Recently, an Aldi in North Minneapolis—one of the area’s three main sources of fresh produce and basic necessities at an accessible price point—permanently shuttered its doors. This frustrating development is not by any means a new one. Grocery store closures have...

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What Is Environmental Racism?

What Is Environmental Racism? Civil rights leader Dr. Benjamin Chavis coined the term in 1982, providing a thorough environmental racism definition: “racial discrimination in environmental policy-making, the enforcement of regulations and laws, the deliberate...

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Food Access: Navigating Food Deserts and Insecurity

All About Food Access The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN defines food access as “access by individuals to adequate resources for acquiring appropriate foods for a nutritious diet.” The concept basically encompasses the ways someone can or cannot access...

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