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Solar Appreciation Day: Solar Power and Food Production

Solar Appreciation Day is an annual event that raises awareness about the importance and benefits of solar energy. It’s celebrated worldwide on the second Friday of March (March 10th in 2023). Solar Appreciation Day recognizes the role of solar energy in meeting our...

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Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas

Think of Valentine’s Day and you might think of candy hearts, or a fine cut of steak at a five-star restaurant—or even the famous spaghetti scene from The Lady and the Tramp. We’ve long associated food with romance. So for Valentine’s Day this year, if you’re trying...

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Food Storage Tips To Extend Shelf Life

Cut down on food waste and keep your groceries around for longer with these food storage ideas! Here’s what you should know about safe food storage and techniques for extending the shelf life of your purchases.   How To Store Vegetables When putting away your...

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Healthy Baked Goods for the Holidays

What smells remind you of home? For many, the smell of fresh-baked cookies just out of the oven stirs childhood memories and feelings of nostalgia and good cheer. Maybe baked goods are even a part of holiday traditions in your family—cookies for Santa, grandma’s...

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