Brown Butter Veggies with Millet Polenta

  Brown Butter Veggies with Millet Polenta Try this roasting method with any of your favorite seasonal vegetables! In this recipe, the butter browns into a nutty glaze, cooking up tender vegetables with caramelized edges. Serve over the polenta for a vegetarian...

Potato Brussels Sprout Latkes

Potato Brussels Sprout Latkes These potato pancakes are a delicious and simple way to serve a filling meal on a budget! This version makes use of seasonal Brussel sprouts, but almost any vegetable would work, in combination with potatoes. Some of our favorites are...

Lentil Curry

Lentil Curry Think of this lentil curry recipe as a starting point – this week we're including green bell pepper, tomatoes and carrots as the vegetable but really the sky's the limit here! Once you've gotten comfortable cooking the lentils, you...

Mediterranean Rice Bowl

Mediterranean Rice Bowl Grain bowls seem to be everywhere lately – for good reason! Everything in one bowl, endless opportunities for customization and adaptability, super colorful, hearty AND delicious… Our version starts with pantry staple brown rice,...

Simple Veggie Fritatta

  Simple Veggie Frittata Frittatas are everything we love about quiche, without the hassle of a crust. Fluffy eggs, fresh veggies & herbs, and a sprinkle of flavorful Parmesan cheese make this easy weeknight meal a standout. While eggs are often thought of...

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