Our 7+ farm plots throughout North Minneapolis are tended to by community members and youth program participants throughout the growing season. Fruit, vegetables, and herbs from these plots are used in Breaking Bread dishes, sold to local corner stores, food businesses, and at the West Broadway Farmers Market.

Urban Farms 

Our urban agriculture program fills vacant or unused land throughout North Minneapolis with fruitful and vibrant farm plots. Community members tend the plots, practicing regenerative, sustainable, and organic gardening techniques. Youth are involved throughout the process as well, planting seedlings, tending plots, harvesting produce, and distributing the harvest at the farmer’s market and to local vendors. These plots offer people in North Minneapolis a space to connect with the land and grow food. 


We’re building a passive solar greenhouse!

in collaboration with Tamales y Bicicletas, the City of Minneapolis, and the University of Minnesota.

This passive solar greenhouse will use energy from the sun to heat the greenhouse through the winter and extend our growing season! 

An extended growing season will provide the North Minneapolis community with year-round access to fresh, local produce, space to research, grow seedlings, herbs, and other medicinal plants.


pounds of produce grown in our gardens in 2019

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