Ethylon Brown, owner of Demery’s Aromatherapy

Ethylon B. Brown’s Demery’s Aromatherapy began with what she calls a death to life experience. Pulling in all the knowledge and history from her ancestors, she built her experience and expertise into a small business dedicated to sharing health and community support through wholeness to the West Broadway Farmers Market.

Her dedication to using herbs and essential oils can be traced back to her maternal great-grandfather. He was a farmer in Halifax County, North Carolina. He was known throughout his community as a healing minister who used plants, herbs, and prayer as he cared for the sick and ailing. Brown’s mother carried down this tradition of healing with natural remedies, and these practices sparked her lifelong passion.

“A wellness routine begins with being intentional about my right to be whole: spirit, soul, and body,” said Brown. “The legacy I was given included faith in building a relationship with God as Father or source. I learned to use essential oil principles from the ‘basic instructions before leaving earth (BIBLE).’ My enrollment in the Essential Oils Institute, Association of Drugless Healers in 2017 helps me to build competency and business development. I don’t rule out medical care. My attention is more on prevention by using as many natural products to leverage my perceived wholeness.”

In 2002, Brown began to incorporate her family remedies into reflexology and general self care tips, first to family, friends, and colleagues, but the circle of people interested and benefitting from her knowledge continued to expand. In 2011 she officially launched Demery’s. In 2017 she joined the West Broadway Farmers Market.

Working with the market, Brown has found kinship with the other vendors, learning lessons, sharing encouragement, knowledge, and growing together. “The market staff has been supportive. I know I can get help when needed, especially with paperwork and set-up,” she said.

As we plunge into this warm weather season, Demerys’ products are valuable in a self-care and skin care regime. For one, the completely nontoxic Bug B Gone is an indispensable tool in warding off all kinds of insects. “One hot sunny market day, the bees were overtaking the vendors and customers,” said Brown. “I sprayed around my area but noticed the bees vacated but the other vendors were in battle array.” It was originally formulated to ward off mosquitos, but it’s also proven effective in dissuading other pests like ants, the unfriendly bees, and gnats, all without using harmful chemicals.

Demery’s Products

Plus, now is an excellent time to stay on top of skin health. “Keep the good habit of exfoliating dead, sanitizing hands, and using gentle but moisturizing sea salt hand scrubs, hand and body washes from Demery’s,” Brown said. “We’ve introduced a natural deodorant, solid and spray, that cares for armpit skin and foot skin. Skincare also includes blends of massage oils.”
Oils can also be vital in combating stress. According to Brown, there are several products that can help, including Demery’s organic blends, sea salt soaks are soothing, relaxing, and restorative.

“I feel honored to bring healing and a comforting presence to the market. I see a place to grow in my faith heritage as well as finding opportunities to support my community in wholeness. It’s all connected for the GOOD.”

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