What’s up with Breaking Bread Café?

We are receiving a lot of important questions about Breaking Bread Café and are grateful you’re asking. We’d like to address one question in particular: why did we pause?

In many ways Breaking Bread Café has been successful—often filled with people and delicious meals. Our supporters, too, have been consistently wonderful and loyal. However, over time, we and other patrons had come to notice some inconsistencies in the café that affected the long-term health of the business (for example, quality of service, wait time, and menu items). These are challenges to operating any restaurant and especially so when that restaurant is a social enterprise operated by a nonprofit.

Our intention with the pause has been to address these more outward-facing inconsistencies by adjusting AFC+Breaking Bread Café’s internal business and operational model. One of these adjustments looks like moving members of the Adult Training and Opportunities Program from a stressful cafe service environment into the catering side of the business. A change like this allows participants the space and opportunity to take their time as they learn while reducing space for slip-ups that ultimately affect customers in the café.

We want to continue with the same focus and mission always at the core of the cafe, which is ensuring that Breaking Bread can be a reliable, comfortable, and long-standing space for people in the Northside to sit down and enjoy a good meal. This past fall we knew we needed to take a moment and assess our internal strategy to do this.


Our doors will be open again this APRIL 2020! We can’t wait to share a meal with you very soon.

Thanks to you—community, staff, donors, supporters—for being our partners in building health, wealth, and social change, and most of all thanks for your patience, passion, and support.


Stay tuned to AFC’s newsletter and social for details on our April 2020 opening! Thoughts or questions? Email us at info@afcmn.org or call 612.588.7611

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