Table Talk highlights community members who unapologetically inspire change through their work. Their dedication isn’t about seeking praise but about filling the gaps in our community where help is needed most. We hope you find inspiration and discover your own ‘why’ as you hear stories you can relate to. This project is supported by the Minnesota Legacy Fund

Season 1 and 2

Spike Moss is a freedom fighter born and raised in the Jim Crow South, who continues to advocate for his community in Northside.

Charles Caldwell is a self-taught African American artist and lifelong resident of North Minneapolis.

Miss Jackson is an elder community advocate. Here, she is interviewed alongside her daughter, Thandisizwe.

Manu Lewis is a Northside community leader, lifestyle transformation coach, Black family advocate, and restorative process practitioner.

Steve Powell is a Northside resident and active community member.

Jasmine Tane’t Boudah M.Ed, CPE, is a passionate advocate for Black maternal and mental health, reproductive justice, and domestic violence survivors. As a mother, educator, community activist, and radical doula, she channels her personal experiences into empowering others through her work as a peer breastfeeding mentor and community doula

Jamil Jackson, Morgan McDonald , and Tommy McBrayer are coaches who not only teach youth life skills through sports but also serve as fathers and mentors in the community, guiding young athletes to success on and off the field

Nyrie Garrett, Queen Frye, and Marcus Kar are farmers dedicated to growing food and inspiring others to do the same. They passionately encourage the next generation to recognize the power of growing food.

Georgia Fort, Aaliyah Demry, and Ayanna Melander for an insightful discussion on journalism. Hear their stories, learn about their passions, and how they’re inspiring the next generation of storytellers.

Kenneth, Nekesha, and Charnaah, siblings who create art, inspire upcoming artists to find their passion and leave an everlasting mark on the world.

Marcia Wyatt, Akil Foluke, and Demetria Poe are dedicated educators committed to inspiring the next generation. They believe that education is the key to unlocking endless possibilities.

Table Talk, formerly known as Northside Stories, is a grant project proudly supported by the Minnesota Legacy Fund.

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