We offer teens and adults the space and resources to become agents of change in North Minneapolis. With several training programs and employment opportunities, participants develop their leadership, urban farming, culinary, advocacy, organizing, and workplace skills.


Youth Training and Opportunities Program

In YTOP, youth engage in peer led team building activities that aid in the development of a positive self image and strong character traits, leadership, organizing, and advocacy skills, and space to practice and enjoy growing food. Training takes place in the kitchen, garden, through dialogue, and even in the music studio. 

YTOP alumni say their time at AFC nurtured their personal and professional communications skills, passion for social justice, and deepened their knowledge of intentional and nutritious eating habits.  


Adult Training and Opportunities Program

ATOP is designed to cultivate job readiness through the culinary arts. We tap into the structure of our operations, like Breaking Bread Catering, to create a hands-on approach to developing skills and prepare participants for careers in the culinary industry. Working with our employment partners, we offer a route to Serve Safe Food Managers Certification, transitional employment after the first portion of the course, and avenues to new career opportunities.

TRAP OR GROW is out now!

After the success of “Grow Food,” we wanted to continue sharing music with a worthwhile message. The Trap or Grow album includes four new songs written and produced by AFC Urban Youth that expand our message to not only be about healthy eating and living, but growing your personal and professional skills as well, inviting young people to explore the opportunities that AFC and programs like YTOP offer youth in North Minneapolis.  #TheYouthAreTheTruth #TraporGROW

Have you seen GROW FOOD?

Grow Food was created as a capstone summer project by youth interns participating in YTOP. Operating under the moniker “Urban Youth,” these young people are activists, artists (rap, spoken word, dance and theatre), aspiring chefs, and entrepreneurs. #TheYouthAreTheTruth

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