honey price holding two baked goodsIt was at five years-old that Honey Price first stood over a stove, thoughtfully stirring scrambled eggs for the first time. She vividly remembers serving her mother a special breakfast in bed. On her Strawberry Shortcake TV tray she assembled her signature eggs, bacon, and a side of crunchy grits. “I didn’t know the correct water to grits ratio yet!” said Price.

This was the beginning, when she first discovered the magic of serving food infused with love to others. That passion, and a lifetime of amassed skills, are what customers find at Honey’s Soul Food & Bakery at the West Broadway Farmers Market. In this, her second year at the market, Price sells an assortment of tantalizing baked goods, satisfying soul food, and her signature Five Flavor Pound Cake. “My granddaddy taught me how to make it and he made it for all the holidays and events when I was younger.”

She learned to cook from her grandaddy, and her mom, dad, sister, other granddaddy, aunties, and godfather. It’s from them she learned the powerful connection between people and food.

“Soul food was built on resilience,” said Price. “It is taking nothing and making something incredible. I have a standard of excellence when I cook, because, every holiday, family reunion or event, Mama Janie’s (Grandmother) food would be excellent. She never disappointed. Even things you didn’t like, such as lima beans, you would like hers. So, in the back of my mind, every time I cook, I want you to change your mind about dishes you didn’t think you liked when you eat my version. Foods you don’t like, you’re going to like mine. Soul food is food that not only tastes good, it makes your soul so happy you want to dance and sing.

In 2018, when Honey was studying business management in college, she decided to turn her love of cooking pro. “I thought, ‘I should share this with other people.’”

Working with the West Broadway Farmers Market has made Price’s progress to her goals so much easier. “I have received more support from this market than anywhere else. It helps a lot that the market manager, DeVon, helps make sure everything is done right.”

Learn more about Honey Price and Honey’s Soul Food & Bakery at honeysoulfoodbakery.com and follow @honeysoulfoodbakery. 

Every Friday from 3-7pm through the summer and fall we gather fresh food, goods, and music at the West Broadway Farmers Market. We’re featuring vendors who are proud members of the North Minneapolis community! We believe what’s produced on the Northside should be sold and shared on the Northside. Come through!

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