Black History Month marks the 12th year of AFC’s youth programming and healthy living initiatives that have made a significant impact on people’s lives in Northside. Let’s take a closer look at where we’ve been and where we’re going on this milestone.

Minnesota’s Black history is characterized by resilience, innovation, and inspiring determination. Early Black Minnesotans, some of whom were enslaved people brought to Fort Snelling, laid the foundation for this enduring legacy. One of the earliest achievements was founding St. Peter’s African Methodist Episcopal Church in Minneapolis in 1883, a cornerstone for the Black community. The church provided a spiritual haven and served as a cultural and political hub.

In recent history, Black Minnesotans have continued to pave the way for progress and equality. Gordon Parks left an indelible mark through his profound artistic work, capturing the essence of the African American experience. Dr. Reatha Clark King, a distinguished chemist and businesswoman, shattered glass ceilings in the corporate world. These individuals, among others, have woven a rich tapestry of achievement and cultural depth, profoundly shaping Minnesota’s social, political, and economic fabric.

From the brave individuals who fought for their freedom from slavery to modern leaders championing social change, Black Minnesotans have always persevered.

Despite its obstacles, the Black community in Minnesota continues to grow and thrive, building on the legacy of strength and perseverance left by those who came before. The Black communities of North Minneapolis, AFC, and our allies continue to work toward a better future where everyone is treated equally and respectfully. To do that, we recognize the importance of investing in Black futures and nurturing Black youth.

These are pivotal endeavors for fostering equity, driving social progress, and ensuring the vibrant diversity of our communities. Such investment helps rectify historical disparities and unleash the full potential of young Black individuals. This effect is multifaceted, touching on economic, social, and cultural domains.

Economically, investing in Black youth equips them with the tools, education, and opportunities to thrive in competitive markets, fostering a diverse workforce and driving innovation. Socially, it builds resilience in communities, mitigating the effects of systemic inequalities and creating a support network for young individuals. Culturally, it enriches society by preserving and promoting diverse perspectives and talents.

At AFC, we understand that real change is rooted in empowering individuals and communities to be the architects of their futures. We go beyond advocacy, translating our commitment into tangible actions and community-driven solutions. One of AFC’s core strategies is creating nurturing environments where Black youth can grow, learn, and lead.

A brilliant illustration of AFC’s impact is the story of Spike Moss, a revered community leader whose life work has been transforming the lives of Black youth in North Minneapolis. Through his collaboration with AFC, Moss has been instrumental in mentoring young individuals, instilling in them the values of leadership, accountability, and community service. His continuing work is a testament to the power of investing in Black futures. It shows that when given support and resources, Black youth can surmount obstacles and contribute substantially to their communities and beyond.

Check out AFC’s Northside Stories: TableTalk with Spike Moss here!

AFC’s work, underscored by stories like Spike Moss’s, highlights the transformative impact of nurturing Black youth and investing in our community. We are catalyzing change that ripples through generations, fostering a society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and contribute.

At AFC, we advance social change through food, addressing issues of systemic racism and environmental injustice – vital work in light of environmental racism, which refers to how communities of color are disproportionately affected by environmental hazards and pollution. Through our work, AFC demonstrates that food can be a powerful force for good, bringing people together and creating positive change in North Minneapolis’ Black communities.

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This Black History Month, let the work of organizations like AFC and the enduring legacy of Black Minnesotans serve as a reminder of the power of community and resilience. Through impactful initiatives and inspiring stories, we can all be motivated to work toward a healthier, more just, and more equitable world.

Together, we can create well-rooted and flourishing change!


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