What is Urban Farming?

It’s easy to confuse the term urban farm with other similar activities like community gardening, homesteading, or subsistence farming because sometimes they’re used interchangeably. All of these operations exist to cultivate crops, but urban farms typically emphasize...

What is Food Insecurity?

There’s no single definition of “food insecurity,” but we asked people working in food justice to help us understand what it means, including a lack of access to healthy foods, a lack of choice, and families not knowing where their next meal will come...

Community Cooks Meal Boxes 2021 season

Enrollment is open for Community Cooks Meal Boxes! We’re back and we’re ready to get cooking starting June 7 – December 27, 2021! Sign up for a box of fresh and locally-sourced ingredients, recipes, and an opportunity to cook with family and friends...

Volunteer Delivery Driver

Community Cooks Meal Box Delivery Driver Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity Volunteer Position Description We are looking for sustainable methods of home delivery for the Community Cooks Meal Boxes. Engaging volunteers to deliver these meal boxes means we can focus...

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