Are you interested in starting a garden and wondering about organic gardening? Here’s why organic gardening is a great idea, and how it can benefit you in more ways than you’d expect.


Benefits of Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is “ to garden with materials derived directly from plants, animals, and minerals, without the assistance of fossil fuels (i.e., there is no use of petrochemical-based pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers).” It strives to avoid the problematic results that come from conventional gardening and—at a much larger, more significant scale—industrial farming. When you grow organic, you’re committing to goals like:

  • Improving soil and water quality
  • Reducing pollution from run-off
  • Promoting sustainable food systems

In this way, starting your own organic garden will support both your local environment and your lifestyle! You’ll have healthy, chemical-free produce to promote a more nutritious diet, and you’ll reap all the benefits of growing your own food. Even if your garden is small, supplementing your grocery shopping with organic home-grown food can add up to big savings in your food budget. You’ll also have the added bonus of knowing exactly where your food is coming from, and being proud of getting there!


Health Benefits of Gardening

While organic gardening supports sustainable food production and good nutrition, it also brings you the benefits of gardening in general. The act of gardening, whether you’re growing organic tomatoes or tending a succulent garden, can have numerous positive impacts on your health. Gardening can:

  • Burn calories and strengthen your heart
  • Improve your hand strength
  • Give you a boost of vitamin D while you get some sun

There’s also a relationship between gardening and mental health benefits! Tending a garden promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and helps you develop a growth mindset. Gardening can also be a social and community-driven activity if you participate in gardening clubs or tend a community garden. So start a garden today, and grow not only your plants, but your health, environment, and community!

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